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Chaem Channy with the PoliceCheam Channy, a member of parliament in Cambodia was illegally imprisoned on the 3 February, 2005, on fabricated charges. Since then, there have been an international outcry to seek his release and Amnesty International has declared him a prisoner of conscience.

This web site has been launched on the occasion of the first anniversary of Cheam Channy's imprisonment to assist the campaign to release him and to bring the problems facing the Cambodian judiciary and rule of law institutions to the attention of the international community.

URGENT APPEAL: CAMBODIA: One year anniversary of Cheam Channy's illegal imprisonment [2006-02-01]

PRESS RELEASE: CAMBODIA: Country in "human rights limbo," says AHRC [2005-12-07]

OPEN LETTER: CAMBODIA: Open letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to mark International Human Rights Day 2005 [2005-12-07]

STATEMENT: CAMBODIA: International community must vigorously oppose imprisonment of Cambodian MP [2005-08-10]

URGENT APPEAL: CAMBODIA: The silencing of the Cambodian parliamentary opposition [2005-02-07]

URGENT APPEAL: CAMBODIA: Parliamentarian threatened in the street by armed military officer [2000-10-06]

ALRC Written Statements to the UNCHR on Cambodia

61st Session: Farcical and illegal trial without witnesses in Cambodia [2005-02-11]

61st Session: What can be done when nothing can be done? [2005-02-11]

60th Session: International mechanisms must be strengthened to address endemic impunity in Asia [2004-02-16]

57th Session: Police abuses in Cambodia [2001-01-30]

57th Session: Beatings of alleged criminals to death expose fatal flaws of the criminal justice system in Cambodia [2001-01-30]

56th Session: Right to fair trial in Asia (including Cambodia) [2000-02-08]

Asian Human Rights Commission 

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UN Rules Against Imprisonment of Cheam Channy [FIDH] [2006-01-12]

Cambodia: Cambodian opposition leader convicted in flawed trial [AI] [2005-12-22]

Worldwide Appeal: Cambodia: Parliamentarian imprisoned [AI] [2005-11]

Cambodia: Opposition MP Jailed After Sham Trial [HRW] [2005-08-09]

Cambodia Human Rights Action Committee Statement [2005-08-09]

US Senate Resolution calling for the release of Cheam Channy [2005-02-17]


SRSG, Yash Ghai calls for the release of Cheam Channy [2005-12-27] [Eng]

SRSG, Yash Ghai Cheam Channy at military prison [2005-12-05] [Eng]

OHCHR Field Office 3rd Quarterly Report [2005-12] [Eng]

Statement by the SRSG, Peter Leuprecht, on the trial of ... Cheam Channy [2005-08-16] [Eng] [Khm]

Statement by the SRSG, Peter Leuprecht, arrest of Cheam Channy
[2005-02-07] [Eng]