Professor Salai Tun Than
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Urgent Appeal / Update
UPDATE (BURMA) Professor Salai Tun Than Released
Posted on: 2003-05-07

UPDATE (BURMA) Professor Salai Tun Than
Posted on: 2003-05-06

UN Special Rapporteur on torture reports on the case of Dr Salai Tun Than
Posted on: 2003-04-03

Dr Salai Tun Than's health worsens
Posted on: 2002-08-13

UPDATE: Dr. Salai Thun Tan case raised at the 58th Session of the Commission on Human Rights
Posted on: 2002-04-29

UPDATE (BURMA): Arrested professor sentenced to seven years jail
Posted on: 2002-03-21

UPDATE: Who is Dr. Salai, Burmese political prisoner?
Posted on: 2002-02-11

BURMA: Arrested Professor prepared to die for democracy
Posted on: 2002-01-28

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