Professor Salai Tun Than
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Professor Salai Tun Than - Biography

Born: 28 March 1928, Inpyit village, Mindon Township, Magway Division, Burma (Myanmar)

Ethnic group: Asho Chin

Religion: Christian

Bachelor of Science (Agriculture), University of Rangoon, Burma, 1948-53
Master of Science Sigma Xi (Agronomy), University of Georgia, USA, 1953-55
PhD (Crop Nutrition), University of Wisconsin, USA, 1955-59

Positions held:
Entomologist, 1953
Assistant Lecturer, Insitute of Agriculture (Burma), 1959-61
Lecturer, Institute of Agriculture, 1961-64
Professor, Institute of Agriculture/ University, 1964-82, 1987-90
Rector, Institute of Agriculture, 1982-87
Director, Myanmar Integrated Rural Development Association (MIRDA), 1993- present (see below)

Other responsibilites:
Chairman, Agronomy Board of Study, Institute of Agriculture,1964-89
Member, Academic Board, Institute of Agriculture, 1964-89
Chairman, Regional Colleges Technical Agriculture Curriculum, Burma Development Board, 1977-82
Member, Universities Academic Council (Burma), 1983-1986
Member, Burma Agriculture Research Council, 1985-1989
Member, Editorial Board, Burma Agriculture Research Council, 1985-89

Good Public Servant Conduct Medal
Peaceful & Justifiable Service Medal

Foreign travel:
Training and study tour in extension sponsored by the Ford Foundation to University of Florida (USA), Long Ashton Farm (UK), University of Tokyo (Japan), University of the Philippines (Philippines), 1962
Study tour on agricultural curriculum development to India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan, 1976
NGO seminars in the Philippines (1995) and Germany (1997)

Other activities:
Military head, Chin Defence Organization, Mindon District, during independence strife (1948-49)
Secretary, Burma-US Cultural Group, 1960-63
Commanding Officer, Mandalay University Training Corps, 1970-75
Established the first successful cooperative farm under the Burma Socialist Programme Party, 1973
President, Lanzin Youth (Burma Socialist Programme Party youth wing), Institute of Agriculture.
Secretary, Burma Socialist Programme Party, Pyinmana Township

From 1993, with the assistance and collaboration of the Myanmar & World Councils of Churches, Diakonia and Swissaid, established the Myanmar Integrated Rural Development Association (MIRDA) and worked vigorously for all round development of Nape Township, including establishing and cultivating orange, coffee and tea orchards in villages of the region

MIRDA provides training on Sloping Agriculture Land Technology (SALT) and vocational training on other appropriate sustainable agriculture in various hilly regions of Shan State, Rakhine State, Kachin State, & Chin State.

Posted on 2002-03-01

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