Professor Salai Tun Than
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The Professor's Petition

Citizens of Myanmar, I am Dr. Salai Tun Than, a retired professor, who belongs to a minority race called Asho Chin. I am here to request Myanmar military government five petitions, which are inalienable rights of Myanmar people. They are

No. 1. Hold the multiparty general election within one year.
No. 2. Let the election be held by a civilian interim government as soon as possible.
No. 3. Let the election be supervised by ASEAN and UN officials.
No. 4. Let all the eligible Myanmar citizens who want to contest in the election be able to complete including our military authorities as civilians.
No. 5. Transfer the state power to any winner organization as soon as possible without any condition.

Let me add a remark here. This as that I will be here between Myanmar Independent Monument and Yangon city hall until either the government agrees to my petitions or simply kills me. I am here offering my life for the cause of the rights of Myanmar citizens. I have neither to add nor to subtract from my petitions.

I would like to plead the military government to consider my petitions seriously whether they are just or biased toward anybody or organization except Myanmar people. Perhaps you already have contemplated on granting the matter before my petitions. If it were the case my I utter sadhu thrice and God bless you all. If not convene your military junta and scrutinize my petitions with soul searching intellectual faculties and the love of your country. If you cannot grant my petitions at any rate you simply kill me and I am ready to die for the rights of Myanmar citizens.

Of course many potential intellectuals of high school and university students have already been killed. It is about time that you kill an old professor.

I am appealing to all armed forces: army, navy, air force, security force and police to consider the fairness of my petitions with concern. If it is for the benefit of Myanmar citizens I want you to act intelligently and courageously like the armed forces Indonesia and the Philippines. Do you still want to kill your flesh and blood who are demonstrating for the rights of Myanmar citizens because the authorities order you so? It is about the time to stop killing your kinsfolk. If you join us you all will be adored by the people. Let us rewrite our tarnished history together.

If you consider that you cannot agree with me, please don't hesitate. Go ahead and kill me. I will be here all the time. I will forgive my killers from the bottom of my heart.

If we happen to meet together in one of the extensive existences of Sansaya, and if I were a mighty person and you all were weaklings and if I find you naked, starved, stricken with soars and diseases and get lost in the darkness of your existence in tears, may I kindly wipe away your tears and feed you, clothe you, and make you whole form your diseases and soars and give you hope with reality of well being in your lives, May God bless and forgive my killers.

May I appeal to the citizens of Myanmar including Sanghas, students, teachers, labourers, artistes, farmers, intellectuals, doctors, nurses, engineers, lawyers, judges, housewives and people from all walks of life, please consider my proposal thoroughly and thoughtfully. If you agree with me join me in the demonstration. Go into the streets wherever you are and chant the slogan. I want no one sitting on the fence and the opportunists. It is the fight for our rights and to the finish. The time is now or never. Let us show the military government that we are one and united solidly. Be courageous. Do the right and fear none. But I beseech you citizens of Myanmar. Let us have no violence, no profanity, and no vulgar acts. Don't break to loot or hit anything. We had been trapped once on looting the leftover warehouses. Take lessons from this and let us not be trapped again. Looters, violent people, abusive people, and people showing vulgar acts are not ours. Avoid them I plead you. Demonstrate in the streets though you may be in tens, hundreds, or thousands. Do not tardy! let us act now. I trust that you all will dare to continue demonstration with boldness even after my death. If you are stopped by the authorities on the way to join me please reason with them to join us. If the authorities release prisoners and send intoxicated and drugged people please explain the reason with them what we are fighting for. Let them join us willingly. It is better to die than to live under the military boots without freedom. The lives you lost will not be in vain. Later Myanmar historians will honour you indeed. Don't be insecure and afraid. Righteousness is on our side.

Generals, I am doing this on my own accord. No one urge me or bribe me or threaten me to do this, either underground or aboveground, individually or in groups, within the country or overseas. I am accountable for myself no one else.

You all will see that I am wearing a doctorate gown, which I earned it. It is not to brag but to prove that I am a genuine old professor and I want to use it as a shroud for my dead body.

May I request ASEAN officials to convince or military government not to stay in power without consent of the people. If the military government holds the general election soon enough as requested their exit will be graceful.

Otherwise their fate will be unimaginable and ASEAN's non-interference policy will be soiled and jeopardised. Likewise I would like to request the UN officials to intervene as you did in Yugoslavia before much lives are lost especially after my death. Myanmar people especially youths have suffered enough.

Again I would like to appeal Myanmar media people to carry on your duties normally and inform the people of Myanmar and the world what is actually happening now. It is your cardinal duty to defy the government's order courageously to report the truth. Let us also chant the slogan of our petitions, the leader will say "hold the multi party general elections" and the mass will respond "within one year. Within one year." The leader will say, "let the election be held by" and the mass will respond "the civilian interim government, the civilian interim government". The leader will say "let the election be supervised by" and the mass will respond "ASEAN and UN officials, ASEAN and UN officials". The leader will say "let any eligible person be able to contest in the election" and the mass will respond "including generals as civilians, including generals as civilians". Lastly the leader will say, "transfer the state power to any winner organization without any condition" and the mass will respond "as soon as possible, as soon as possible." That is all for the slogan.

I thank you all and may God bless Myanmar people richly. The right of the people must be victorious indeed.

Posted on 2002-02-27

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