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List of Petitioners

401. Catherine Mason University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
If the Korean Human Rights Commission is under the control of the President it is clear that the President has no respect for the process of protecting and respecting Korean's human rights
402. 최승연
반기문씨, 부끄럽지 않아요?
403. Jeong Sukhee
404. Mun Hyunjin
405. Komuro Kyoko Japan
406. Rolf Stuber
407. Joanna Baker Freelance journalist, Hong Kong
408. Do Hyun Kim ppuriuijip(KoRoot), 53-56 Cheongwoon-Dong Jongno-Gu Seoul South Korea
409. Lee, Sang Soo Human Rights Solidarity for New Society, Seoul
410. Ji-hae Han New York
411. Katherine Reed Piana USA
412. Art Hanson United States Of America
413. Art Hanson USA
414. Elisabeth Burleigh UK
415. Jaknel Garcia
416. Nobuyuki Aono 7-9 Tanakatown Choshicity Chibaprefecture Japan
417. Natalie Hanson USA
418. Kirk A. Ramble USA
419. Lars Åke Lundberg Stockholm
My support
420. Amelia
421. Sandra Carvalho
422. Le Ka Hei Hong Kong
423. John Moore Knighton Justice, Leicester UK
Monitoring human rights should be done independenly of governments.
424. Steph Almond
425. Clare Downing UK
426. Anthony Aylward United Kingdom
427. Kayvan Zainabadi MIT, Boston, MA
428. Don Mckelvey Euclid, Ohio
429. Gillian Butcher
430. Stephen Mason Australia
Human rights organisations must remain independent and least of all under the jurisdiction of a government.
431. Charles Hassell UK
432. Ellen Cleary USA
433. Vanessa Hutcheson Austin, TX, USA
434. Tanaka hitomi Japan
I sign this though it is not an obligation that the Japanese was able to say the thing of the foreign country too much. It is because there is a thing that the uniting thing feels the favor important, personal in the South Korean, too the reason is a country of same Asia. I believe that the thing that South Korea walks in a democratic justice is indispensable even if it applies it to the south north harmony.
435. Taru Salmenkari Finland
436. Anna Kortesalmi PeriHelion, Espoo, Finland
437. Professor Dr. Holger Heide University of Bremen, Germany
This is a very urgent matter, concerning democratic culture in Korea.
438. Riku Räihä PAND - Artists for Peace, Helsinki, Finland
439. Kealiikiamoku Kanaka Hawai'i, Nation Of Hawai'i
440. Isobel Maud Smallacombe London
441. Razikin KontraS Aceh, Banda Aceh
Joint to you
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