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Mr. Lee Myung-bak,
Republic of Korea

Dear President-elect Lee Myung-Bak,

I am deeply concerned about the threat to the independence of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) by the recommendation from the Presidential Transition Team.

The recommendation brings the NHRCK under the immediate control of the Office of the President. The NHRCK was established in 2001 with the consensus in Korea to prevent the repetition of the human rights violations that had taken place when Korea was ruled under military dictatorships.

Bitter experience of human rights violations during that period generated a huge response from the Korean people, who were determined to make respect for human rights a primary concern of the state and society.

An attack on the independence of this commission will be a serious setback in the country’s struggle for democracy and human rights. It will also damage the status and prestige of the Republic of Korea internationally.

I therefore urge you, as an elected President, to reject this recommendation and to take steps to respect the independence of the NHRCK.

Yours sincerely,


이명박 대통령 당선자님께

저는 대통령직 인수위원회가 제안한 국가인권위원회의 독립성의 위해에 대하여 깊은 우려를 표명합니다.

그 제안은 한국의 국가인권위원회를 대통령 직속기구로 만들겠다는 것입니다. 한국의 국가인권위원회는 과거 군부독재치하에 일어났던 인권침해의 재발을 방지하기 위하여 사회적 합의로 2001년에 만들어졌습니다.

당시 한국인들이 경험한 쓰디 쓴 인권침해의 경험은 국가와 사회에서 인권 존중이 최우선의 과제라는 거대한 반응을 야기하였습니다.

이 위원회의 독립성에 대한 위협은 한국의 보여준 민주주의와 인권을 향한 오랜 노력에 심각한 퇴보를 초래하게 될 것입니다. 이는 또한 국제적으로도 한국의 지위와 위상을 크게 손상시킬 것입니다.

그러므로 저는 대통령으로 당선되신 이명박 당선자님께서 그 제안을 거부할 것과 국가인권위원회의 독립성을 존중하는데 조치를 취할 것을 요청드립니다.



(1) Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations,
(2) Mr. Son Hak-gyu, Chairperson of the United New Democratic Party,
(3) Mr. Kim Hyo-suk, Representative of the United New Democratic Party,
(4) Ms. Sim Sang-jeong, Acting representative of the Democratic Labor Party,
(5) Mr. Ro Hoi-chan, a Member of Parliament, the Democratic Labor Party,
(6) Ms. Lee Kyung-sook, Chairperson of the Presidential Transition Committee,
(7) Mr. Park Jin, Presidential Transition Committee,
(8) Mr. Kang Jae-sub, Representative, Grand National Party,
(9) Mr. Lim Chae-jung, Chairperson of the National Assembly,
(10) Mr. Yoo Ihn-tae, Government Administration Committee, National Assembly,
(11) Mr. Ro Hyun-song, Government Administration Committee, National Assembly,
(12) Mr. Jeong Kab-yoon, Government Administration Committee, National Assembly
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