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List of Petitioners

1301. Thambipillai Ponnampalam N/A, 209-92 William Street, Mississauga, ON, L5M 1J5 Canada
1302. Hiru Nanayakkara Matara
Free SF!
1303. Zuhair Colombo
PTA should be repealed to ensure democrasy and all kinds of freedom in my motherland to live with liberty.
1304. Lalitha Indranee Brodie ITR, Canada
Please free the people suffering in your camps - please ensure that every Tamil displaced individual can go to thei homes.
1305. Deshapriya Karunaratne
Release,Hon:Major General Sarath Fonseka,show the world,that you are not a another Idi a(mihin)min.to Mahindado not send this to Jara Bandara Please,he dont have a nose......
1306. Mahesh Dharmaratne Manukau City Council, 1/20 Cornwall Park Avenue, Epsom, Auckland, New Zealand
Please take action to release Sarath Fonseka immediately.
1307. Gamini Bambaradeniya self, Australia
1308. Laura Frings
1309. Rachel Joyce Tamil Information Centre, London
1310. Thay Rav
1311. Chandima Gunasena Brisbane, Australia
1312. Junko Asano Hong Kong
1313. Basilo Tapao none, K,s,a
do not against to WAR HERO.should be give freedom
1314. Lankexpat Germany
as patriotic Srilankan,
1315. Ameer Businessman, UAE
1316. Rohan Johnpillai n/ a, Sydney, Australia
The cursed war is over, you want the Tamils to play a part in the reconstruction and development of the nation, so please withdraw the draconian PTA and also ensure that the people ir-respective of their caste, creed or colour are harrased.
1317. Joseph Michael-angelo Mendis Moratuwa
1318. Dushy Pillai
1319. Rufus Randeniya USA
Please release our war hero ignoring whatever he has done wrong in the past.When others could waste millions on foreign tours,what action to be taken against this national icon.
1320. Renate Lasar private, österreich - Salzburg
women and kids! - please let them go!!!
1321. M. S. M. Fareez Private Company, Doha - Qatar
May be this petition is very old, any way as a humen been I just forward you, for all your consideration. Budusaranai
1322. Sindhuri Nandhakumar Philadelphia
1323. Sara Vossebelt
1324. Hubertson Indian National Congress, Chennai, India
Repeal the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA) at Sri Lanka and end gross violations of rights
1325. Sivakumar Sundararajan Trichy
1326. Israel Mendoza
1327. B.terence Fernando Negombo
1328. Sherard Jayawardane Janasetha action foundation, Negombo
1329. Sr. M. Pradeepa A.c. Sri Lanka
1330. Sr. Kathleen Colombo
May truth and justice prevail.
1331. Jacqueline Joseph Holy Family Sisters, Colombo
1332. Sathivel Colombo
1333. Fr.christy Paul St. mary,s church Panwila, Panwila
1334. Anjale Jayawardena Colombo Sri Lanka
1335. Alina Dollat amnesty international, Gouvieux France
1336. Senthil INDIA
1338. Basit Gania student, India
1339. Malik Ahrens Germany
Restore srilanka to what it was, just democratic Nation
1340. Stanley Joseph Sri Lanka
1341. Bernard Edirisinghe
1342. Selwin Pandinadan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Give'em the Freedom Brother.
1343. Vishnu Prakash STUDENT, India
1344. Thanabalasingam Jegatheesvaran -, Jaffna, Sri Lanka
1345. Michel Marion Montreal, Canada
1346. Nihmathullah K Lebbe LML, Colombo
Dear Sirs, I am in an openion the PTA in Sri Lanka is not at all required at this juncture and you need to re-consider this
1347. Anton Philip Cantre for War Victims and Human Rights, Canada
Please remove the PTA and allow the people to live with thair fundamental rights and freedom. Life is very short.
1348. Daryl Caggiano Empower Dalit Women of Nepal (EDWON), Boston, MA, USA
1349. Nishandeny Ratnam
1350. Krishan Civil, Colombo
Fight for Rights
1351. Don And Roberta Thurstin Timmerman United States
1352. Athula Deshapriya Gomis Abeysinghe Jayawardane Colombo
1353. Arukgoda Kapuge Chandrakantha Attorney-at-Law, Nugegoda
1354. Punsisi Chaturanga Situwasam Widyaratna Galle
1355. Sarah Rajakariar Australia
1356. Francisco Javier Martin Villarreal Spain
1357. Zach Tinker 20 20 Quality Window Care, United States
1358. Praveen Kumar pkrenterprises, India
Please give full Rights to Tamilians.
1359. Nagaraja Mysore Raghupathi SOS e Clarion of Dalit, Mysore India
1360. Tolga Suslu
1361. Shahed Kayes Bangladesh
repeal stop P.T.A. in Sri Lanka
1362. Vinay Pandey lawyer, Maharajganj, U.P. India273303
stop, stop, stop, its a human right violation, vinay pandey, advocate/humanrightactivist. india
1363. Seksbadszy seksbadszy, CA
1364. Seksbadszy seksbadszy, US
1365. Kimberly Stanley -, Memphis, TN. USA
1366. Agnes Agnesa peace is pure love, Thailand
1367. Judy Black
1368. Karen Krasuk
1369. Frederick Boulton
1370. Thomas Willette United States
1371. Tammy Davis Los Angeles, CA
1372. Filiz Selman
1373. Jeanne Schreurs
1374. Mouawia Mikail Khater Amnesty international sudan, België
Law must be prevented terrorism in Sri Lanka
1375. Marina Murphy United Kingdom
1376. Amandine Sablonnieres
1377. Debbie Williamson
1378. Marlena Durkowska
1379. Mouawia Mikail Khater Amnesty international sudan, België
Together against crime, terrorism
1380. Natasha Salgado Canada
1382. Maria Niño
1383. Denise Lytle United States
1384. Elizabeth Ohalloran
1385. Les Lambert United States
1386. Macarena
1387. Dariusz Tarasiuk Mr., Belgique
1388. Yvonne Fast
1389. Vivien Green United Kingdom
1390. L.annadoure Advocate, India
1391. J. J. Barbados
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