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List of Petitioners

301. Dr Debabrata Roy Laifungbam H2H Transcultural Centre for Torture Victims, Imphal
302. Rebecca John CSLG/JNU, New Delhi
303. Pallavi Kumari Mumbai
304. Himola
305. John Fernandes England
I am willing that the Indian state sees sense, and have you released; restore your freedom
306. Ringphachon New Delhi
'Cruelty might be very human, and it might be cultural, but it's not acceptable'
307. Soraisam Rakesh Kumar New Delhi
yeah, impunity must end in Manipur.. in order to make the state free from any killings of innocent people, these killings of innocent people in Manipur creates an environment where the people cannot enjoy the full rights and standards of living.. And we have the proof of this, Ms. Irom sharmila Chanu, fasting for 10 years for the withdrawal of AFSPA( Armed forces (special powers) Act, 1958 from Manipur, still she is on hunger strike against this act..we hope,it will make our state a harmonious one after the withdrawal.. and also we can improve our economy..
308. Shitanshu Shekhar Chakraborty IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur
Please, withdraw this special act to stop brutality against the people of Manipur and force the state government to discharge its responsibility of maintaining peace.
309. Waikhom Bronandro Meitei NCC air wing, imphal; Dm college of science, Imphal, Lamphel, Imphal
Sir, If Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation was alive, he would have never wanted an act as cruel as AFSPA to be enforced upon its own citizens. We have suffered for too long under this act. It's time the democratic govt act according to the people's wish. Please don't wait for the right time because the right time has already gone. It is already late, please, dont make it too late. Please, scrap off AFSPA from Manipur. ( and from all other parts of the country).
310. Maryanne Fernandes religious of mary immaculate, Spain
Please animate the country into doing something about the violence to all. Right here people praise us for being a very spiritual country. It hurts me to think that with all our faith in the one Almighty brother can go against brother. I love my country. >I think theres room for all of us there.
311. Muhammad Hilaluddin Angikar Bangladesh., Dhaka, Bangladesh
The custodians of the custody torture matters are just history-foolish, hysteria-victims!
313. Anita Roest Uk
314. Naeem Najmi Azad Kashmir
315. Beulah Azariah Chennai
Affirm your Commitment to CEDAW! Repeal AFSPA Immediately!!
316. Kapil Arambam New Delhi
317. Vin Perera Victoria Australia
It is abhorrent.
318. Melody Wong Hong Kong
319. Anand Kumar Bangalore
320. Harshini Samarakoon
321. Vishnuthasan Poologarajah Australia
322. Sharanya Nayak HumAnE, Koraput, Koraput, Orissa
323. Kaushik Bandyopadhyay Kharagpur
324. Dr Nighat Younas naya ouffaq foundation(war against drugs, Rawalakot Azadkashmir
325. Venkat Ramanujam Ramani
The Government of India must withdraw the army and find a political solution to the problem in Manipur.
326. Amit Ostwal iit kharagpur, Iit Kaharagpur
this type of act in country like india or anywhere is shameful.
327. John Graham Kerala
Please release Irom Sharmilla Chanu. We support her cause for release.
328. Sadokpam Ranjeeta HRA, Manipur
330. Rev. Raymundo P. Gelloagan Geneva for Human Rights, 14 Ave. Du Mail, Geneva Switzerland
Shame to violators of Human Rights. Stop States Fascism
331. Anthony Debbarma Borok People's Human Rights Organisation, Tripura , India
AFSPA is enough we want to say amen we want to live in dignity
332. Deirdre O'reilly, M.ed. GLASGOW UK
For peace to prevail, there must be justice.
333. Gopen Huidrom Gurgaon, India
334. Koijam Suniti Devi
335. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD), Islamabad, Pakistan
I am agry with this petition and strongly suppoting it.
336. Charu Soni Journalist, Delhi
337. Ranjeeta Sadokpam HRA, Manipur
lets come 2gether so that the impunity must end in state.
338. Onil reachout, Imphal
peace and solidarity. Release Sharmila !
339. Christian Rademacher Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle (Saale), Germany
The impunity they is given by the AFSPA from 1958 is unacceptable in a modern constitutional state like the republic of India.
340. Sophia Vashalomidze Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg, Halle (Saale), Germany
341. Nilantha Ilangamuwa University of Kalaniya, Sri Lanka, Colombo,Sri Lanka
They never asked separated state just for justice and peace.
342. Jai Krishna Delhi
not just manipur. lets tell ourselves that all indians are to be treated equal.
343. Pooja Salhotra
344. Peter Barnes U.K
345. Oliver Barnes UK
346. Harshi Chitrangi Perera Janasansadaya, Sri Lanka
Go ahead
347. James Lourembam itbhu, Varanasi
I support this petition wholeheartedly
348. C.wanige Sydney
349. Nandakumar Chennai
Please allow for peace to be enjoyed by all citizens of India.
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