Special Campaigns

Special Campaigns

Blasphemy Law in Pakistan and Its Effects

CAMBODIA: Legal Reforms in Cambodia Series Monograph No. 1

SRI LANKA: Reform of Police A Pre-Condition For Implementation of Article 2 of ICCPR Guaranteeing Effective Remedies for Human Rights Violations

BURMA: People's Tribunal on Food Scarcity and Militarization in Burma

Fr. Pallath J. Joseph Solidarity Site

AUSTRALIA: Douglas Scott Case

BURMA: Imprisonment of Professor Salai Tun Than

BHUTAN: Forgotten People of Shangri-la

HONG KONG SAR, CHINA: AHRC Submission to Legco and Hong Kong Government on Article 23 of the Basic Law

MALAYSIA: Irene Fernandez case

Irom Sharmila - one woman's fast to death

SRI LANKA: Michael Anthony Fernando case

BURMA: Professor Salai Tun Than

World Conference Against Racism

ASIA: Stop Disappearances

ASIA: Massacres in Asia

ASIA: No Torture campaign

INDIA: Bellilious Park Evictions

Posted on: 2005-04-26

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