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This web site is maintained with the hope that this matter relating to Fr. Pallath J. Joseph will be solved in a just and a humane manner. As Fr. Pallath J. Joseph and serveral other priest feels that justice had not been done at Kerala province India. They have appealed that this story be known to the outside. They hope that the knowledge of the incident by many will lead to a reasonable discourse and thereby the silence maintained on this issue can come to an end. That all disputes be settled with due regard to human rights of all concerned is a principle that knows no exception.

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I, Fr. P.J.Joseph S.J. (J.J.Pallath) was dismissed from the Society of Jesus through a decree dated 28th April 2000 of Fr. Provincial John Manipadam of Kerala Jesuit Province with the concurrence of Superior General Rev. Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach. Born and bought up in a traditional rural Catholic family, I joined the Society of Jesus at the age of twenty in 1967.  Completing my regular Novitiate I was called to make my First Vows (perpetual) in 1969.....

The founder of the Jesuit 
Order Saint Ignatius

Fr. Pallath J. Joseph 
is a member of society
of Jesus for 33 years

Fr. Arrupe brought a great new vision to the 
order and encouraged the Justice Ministry. 
Fr. Pallath J. Joseph gave up his job as an
educationist and joined the Ministry for

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