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God has seen the murder of my husband Douglas Bruce Scott

Almighty God Himself, the Creator of heaven and earth

The life giver Himself

He has exposed their efforts to conceal the murder

He will bring the killers to Justice, who took Doug's life





Syd Stirling,
Minister for Police,
Northern Territory Government,
Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia,

Brian Bates,
Commissioner of Police,
Northern Territory Police Force
Darwin, Northern Territory of Australia

cc United States Secretary of State Colin Powell
cc. US Attorney Gay McDougal, CERD Committee member and Director of the Human Rights Law Group,
cc. International Forensic Investigative Committee
Dr Henry C Lee of Connecticut Police, Dr Michael Baden of New York Police, Dr Cyril Wecht MD., JD., Coroner Pennsylvania, Dr Peter Dean, Scotland Yard, Linda Kenney Esq., Major Timothy Palmbach of Connecticut Police and Margaret Lee,
cc. International United Nations Experts
cc. Prime Minister John Howard
cc. Leader of the Opposition Kim Beazley
cc. Premier of Queensland Peter Beattie
cc. Attorney General of the Northern Territory Peter Toyne
cc. Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Clare Martin
cc. Attorneys Chris Nyst and Jason Murakami
cc. Barrister Margaret McCabe
cc Solicitor Rodney Lewis, Barrister Daniel Brezniak, Maurice Neil QC


I, Letty Scott, wife of Douglas Bruce Scott who was murdered, make this official application to the Northern Territory Police to open a investigation into the unlawful imprisonment, murder and conspiracy to pervert the course of justice in the murder of Douglas Bruce Scott, by four prison officers at Darwin Prison on the morning of 5th July 1985.

Douglas Scott was incarcerated 60 days for the offence of swearing at a hotel tavern bar, Darwin Hotel, and his eye was bashed by the prison officers so that it was damaged and made to point the wrong way. He was not taken to the hospital but prison medical records show that he was instead taken before Magistrate Alistair McGregor and remanded to custody at Darwin Prison for sixty days straight to face the charge of swearing. This is against Northern Territory Legislation and the Criminal Code, and I make this complaint for Unlawful Imprisonment of my husband. The Charge Sheet is attached.

Magistrate Alistair McGregor, who had Douglas detained sixty days for a charge of swearing, also ended up being the Coroner at the inquest of Douglas's death. This is in conflict of interest. Magistrate Alistair McGregor as Coroner put as his Coroner's findings, that Douglas was locked up sixty days for one facing serious charges. This is an outright lie, as we have the charge sheet (attached) and Magistrate Alistair McGregor must be investigated by the Northern Territory Police for unlawful imprisonment and conspiracy.

My husband Douglas Scott was murdered by four prison officers in a Darwin Prison cell at Darwin, NT, and found hung on the 5th of July 1985. The four prison officers who were on duty at C Block for the 0400 am cell check of C Block on my husband Douglas Bruce Scott, and who reported that they were the last to see Douglas alive, were the following Darwin Prison Officers;

Senior Prison Officer Bill Bowden, who was reported to have held the key to Douglas' cell on the 0400 am cell check of C block

Prison Officer Barry Medley, who was also on the 0400 am cell check;

Prison Officer Harold Robertson, who was also on the 0400 am cell check;

Prison Officer Michael Lawson was on roving duties and had access to C block.

Senior Prison Officer Bill Bowden said that Douglas was alive at 0400 am and that he spoke to Douglas because Douglas was sitting up having a smoke and said that he warned Douglas that he would punish Douglas if he did not go to sleep.

The Darwin Police CIB officer in charge of the crime scene on the morning of my husband's murder, Detective Sergeant Michael Alfred Stevens did not interview the prisoners that saw and heard Douglas murdered, and Douglas screaming out for help when he was beaten by prison officers with their batons, did not interview the prisoners in the cells opposite and the CIB officers did not interview the prisoners who were forced into the crime scene to clean up the blood from Douglas' cell, and to remove the mattress from the cell on the morning Douglas was found hanging. Furthermore Detective Stevens told the Royal Commission that he could not find his notebook, but Detective Sergeant Stevens said that the investigation was "tainted by the presumption of suicide". [NT/7, T, p1507, p647-8]

The Royal Commission was perverted by the secret deal which was done, as admitted on the transcripts that "individual officers were not at risk for having acted improperly or criminally" [Counsel for the Police and Prison, Colin McDonald, NT/7, T, p563]

All the above is in the Royal Commission transcripts, statements, and in the prison journals. Everything that I have said is true and correct. You can check all the details yourselves. Call for the prison journals.

The International Forensic Investigative Committee which comprises of the world eminent international Police Forensic scientists who have examined the medical records, autopsy report and statement, coroners report, NT Police photographs, have stated;

These bruises and the fracture of the thyroid cartilage are generally more consistent with manual neck compression than with hanging mechanisms. (p.14) ...There appears to be a significant possibility that the death scene integrity might be compromised. (p.15)

These scientists are world eminent and world renowned leaders in the science of Forensic pathology and world leaders in the Police Medico-legal field. They are listed below;

Dr. Henry C. Lee, Chief of Scientific Services, Connecticut State Police Department; Dr. Michael Baden, Director New York State Police Medico Legal Forensic Investigation Unit and former Chief Medical Examiner for the city of New York, Dr.. Cyril Wecht M.D.,J.D., world renowned forensic specialist and Elected Coroner, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Dr. Peter Dean, Her Majesty's Coroner for Southend and Southest Essex and Forensic Medical Examiner (Police Surgeon) Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard, London, Major Timothy Palmbach Esq., Commanding Officer, Forensic Services Division, Connecticut State Police Department, Linda B. Kenney Esq., Leading Trial Attorney and former team leader as Assistant Prosecutor for Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office and Margaret Lee.

These scientists investigated the deaths of President John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, the Tsar of Russia, Dr. Martin Luther King, Elvis Presley, John Belushi, the Hoyts family, the Lindenburgh kidnappings, the Autopsies of the victims of TWA flight 800, provided the crucial evidence in the OJ Simpson case. This is to mention a few.

This eminent team is calling on the Northern Territory Police and the Northern Territory Government to co-operate with their team into this very serious investigation of murder, and to provide them with the items they have requested and the access they require, including the original prison polaroid photographs, of my husband's hanging, and the police photographs and proof sheets, and the toxicology report which was never produced, among many other items they have requested in their Reconstruction Report which I officially submit to you this day for action.

The Reconstruction Report, Death of Douglas Scott, outlines items and co-operation which is required from the Northern Territory Police and Northern Territory Governments in order for the International Police Scientists to be able to further their investigations into the homicide of Douglas Bruce Scott.

The International Police Forensic Team have put a call out to the Australian Government for the Team to come into Australia to conduct an exhumation and reautopsy on my husband's remains, who is buried in his home town, Townsville, Queensland Australia.


The Northern Territory Police is duty bound to co-operate and provide every assistance to the International Police Forensic Investigative Committee, as the NT Police motto, on every officers uniform, is "serve and protect". You as representative of the Northern Territory Police, are liable because you did not protect my husband Douglas Scott, and you are responsible to bring Justice. You will be held before the eyes of the world to bring these killers in uniform to Justice for the murder of Douglas Scott.

I am attaching to this submission by Registered Mail, the following Reports, Submissions, and overwhelming factual evidence to support my official complaint to the NT Police for the murder of Douglas Bruce Scott;

1; Reconstruction Report into the Death of Douglas Bruce Scott, by International Forensic Investigative Committee, dated 29 June 2001


2; Advice of Dr Michael Baden, Co-Director of the New York State Police Medico-Legal Unit, United States Board Certified Forensic Pathologist, and co-author of the Douglas Scott Reconstruction Report, who has written to my legal team of International WitheriffNyst Lawyers, a member of the Minter Ellis Group on the Gold Coast Qld, to advise that the International Forensic Investigative Committee wish to obtain further information in order to determine the manner and circumstances of the death of my husband, by coming to Australia to conduct an exhumation and reautopsy of my husband's remains; Dr Baden wrote;

I have reviewed the circumstances and medical records concerning the death of Mr Douglas Scott. It is my opinion, and the opinion of the other members of the Forensic Investigative Committee, that exhumation and examination of the remains of Mr Scott at this time, 16 years after his death, could reveal valuable forensic and medical evidence that would assist in resolving questions that have arisen as to the cause and manner of his death. We have exhumed and examined many bodies interred for more than sixteen years that have yielded important and valuable evidence that has permitted a final resolution to questions concerning the deaths.

[Sgd] Michael Baden,

Director New York State Police Medico-Legal Forensic Investigation Unit

3; I am submitting to your official office the statutory declaration dated 27 September 1996, of eyewitness to the murder Jeffrey Bindai, who was in the cell opposite, that he saw four officers enter Douglas' cell on the night of the murder, and proceed to beat Douglas with batons, and threatened this eyewitness to keep his mouth shut or that he would be next to be murdered. This statutory declaration was taken before a Barrister, Daniel Brezniak of the Sydney Bar, in accordance with law.

This statutory declaration confirms that Geoffrey Bindai told the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody staff that he witnessed the murder of Douglas Scott, before the hearings were held in Darwin in 1989. Jeffrey Bindai was never brought as a witness.

4; I am submitting to your office the transcript of interview of video testimony of Jeffrey Bindai, before a Justice of the Peace, interviewed by former Northern Territory Police Officer Robert Dow, as an official testimony, that he saw four prison officers enter Douglas' cell on the night of the murder, and proceed to beat Douglas with baton's, and Douglas was screaming out "help help help, someone help me, please someone help me", and Jeffrey Bindai screamed out, "leave my friend alone you white cunts" Jeffrey Bindai was in the cell opposite Douglas' cell so he had a clear view to Douglas' cell, and he states that he could hear the beating of Douglas by the prison officers with batons. He states that one of the prison officers with a tattoo of an eagle on his arm came out of Douglas' cell, and walked over and threatened Jeffrey Bindai during this murder, to shut his mouth or that he would be next, and then he walked back into the cell to continue beating Douglas.

Jeffrey Bindai states that after the beating and hanging of Douglas, early the following morning, he was forced to go into Douglas' cell, and clean the blood of Douglas Scott from the walls, the floor, in the toilet and around the toilet with another prisoner, Laurie Percy, who helped Bindai clean Douglas' blood.

This is independantly verifiable by the fact that Laurie Percy's written statement to the Royal Commission states that he went into the cell and saw blood, and this statement was taken by Royal Commission staff, and years later he confirmed this evidence in interviews with solicitor Rodney Lewis and former Northern Territory Police officer Robert Dow

Jeffrey Bindai states in this video testimony that he gave this testimony to the Royal Commission staff including Counsel for the Royal Commission Mick Dodson, but that Mick Dodson threatened him to shut his mouth, and not to tell anyone about Douglas' murder, or that he would hang next like Douglas.

5. Laurie Percy, Royal Commission statement 6/3/89 NT/7/49;

What happened on the morning he was discovered?

Laurie Percy; ... They asked me to clean up the mess inside I picked up rubber gloves, sheets and pillow slips. There was a bit of blood on it. I got all the gear and put it in the laundry. Sweep and mop the cell. After cleaning up then we waited for breakfast.

6. Transcript of taped interview between solicitor Rodney Lewis and former solicitor assisting the Royal Commission Geoffrey Barbaro held on 13th March 1995, in which solicitor Geoffrey Barbaro admitted that when he flew with other Royal Commission staff, Barrister Mick Dodson, who was Counsel Assisting the Commission and field officer John Christopherson, to Western Australia to interview former prisoner Jeffrey Bindai, Mr Bindai had told them that Douglas was murdered, but Solicitor Geoffrey Barbaro admitted on tape to Solicitor Rodney Lewis that they did not tender this statement about the murder, but they then concealed this evidence from the Royal Commission and it was, in Solicitor Geoffrey Barbaro's words, "just kept and not tendered to the Royal Commission."

Solicitor Barbaro's statement in 1995 that he knew of eyewitness evidence from Jeffrey Bindai of the murder of Douglas Scott, verifies the statement of Jeffrey Bindai that he told the Royal Commission staff in 1989 that he was an eyewitness to the murder of Douglas Scott.

Solicitor Geoffrey Barbaro also admitted on this taped interview, that the original prison polaroid photographs of Douglas hanging from a noose taken by Chief Prison Officer Ian Birbeck on the morning of 5th of July 1985, were not tendered to the Royal Commission, but were kept by Royal Commission staff and not tendered in evidence at the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Case No/7 the Douglas Bruce Scott case.

7. I am submitting to you the letter of Barrister Robert Cavanagh dated 11th April 1995 to Solicitor Rodney Lewis, where Barrister Robert Cavanagh stated that he was prepared to testify in a court of law that in a phone conversation he had with the former Solicitor Assisting the Royal Commission Geoffrey Barbaro, Geoffrey Barbaro had told him that Douglas was hung twice, and that the original prison polaroids taken by Chief Prison Officer Ian Birbeck were different to the police photographs taken by the late NT Police CIB Darwin Branch Officer Brian Neimann, (who later shot himself after the Royal Commission hearing for Douglas Scott), and that evidence was concealed from the Royal Commission by Royal Commission staff.

8. Solicitor Rodney Lewis took notes of a phone conversation on 24th February 1995 with Barrister Jon Tippett, who was counsel for the family, in the Royal Commission hearing, and Barrister Jon Tippett stated that the original prison polaroids were kept from the Royal Commission by Barrister Assisting the Royal Commission Mick Dodson because they "contained something which was hidden".

9; There is overwhelming circumstantial and eyewitness evidence that Douglas Scott was in fact murdered. Based on this evidence a submission from eminent Australian legal counsel that Douglas was in fact murdered, was put to the Prime Minister John Howard on 3 April 1996, and Mr Howard referred the matter to the Northern Territory. Solicitor Rodney Lewis forwarded that submission to the former Chief Minister Shane Stone and Attorney General Dennis Burke. Solicitor Rodney Lewis advised the then Attorney General Dennis Burke, that due to the police involvement in the unlawful imprisonment of Douglas, and their part in the coverup of the murder, that he thought the Northern Territory Police ought not to be involved in the new investigation of this murder for which he was calling.

However, since United States and British Forensic Police are now undertaking and overseeing the investigation, and in accordance with the decision of the Northern Territory Director of Public Prosecutions Rex Wild QC of 19 October 2000, that the evidence of murder of Douglas Bruce Scott "should be investigated by the Northern Territory Police, to whom your representations should be made", I now also formally submit this application from my former legal attorneys Solicitor Rodney Lewis, Barrister Daniel Brezniack and Maurice Neil QC, dated 3 April 1996, to your official office and request a homicide investigation in accordance with the directions of Rex Wild QC, and your requirements under law.

Solicitor Rodney Lewis, in his covering letter to the Prime Minister for this Inquiry, stated on behalf of the eminent Australian legal team of Maurice Neil QC, Daniel Brezniak of the Sydney Bar, and Mr Lewis himself that;

... Upon the evidence presented to us, including the evidence of persons who were in a position to see and hear certain things, it would appear that, quite contrary to the evidence and the conclusions of the Royal Commission, there was an involvement on the part of four prison officers on the night in question, which has never been the subject of inquiry or evidence ... (p.1). If you consider it helpful to receive a delegation we would be pleased to attend upon you or one of your Ministers with counsel retained to assist with the preparation of the submission, Messrs. Maurice Neil, Q.C. and Mr. Daniel Brezniak of the Sydney Bar.

10; I am submitting to you Syd Stirling as Northern Territory Police Minister, and to Brian Bates as Northern Territory Police Commissioner, a full brief of evidence which proves that Douglas was unlawfully imprisoned, murdered, and which proves that the murder and hanging of Douglas Scott, the police investigation, Coronial inquisition, and Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody case no.7 concerning Douglas Bruce Scott, was a conspiracy to pervert the course of justice on the grandest scale ever imaginable.

I refer you to the decision of Rex Wild QC DPP of 19 October 2000 that the allegations of the murder of Douglas Scott should be investigated by the Northern Territory Police;

"Insofar as a criminal offence is alleged by you, then that matter should be investigated by the Northern Territory Police, to whom your representations should be made"

Rex Wild QC, Dierctor of Public Prosecutions of the Northern Territory,

19th October 2000, to Letty Scott

(Ref: RW:jm:6459)

I make this formal representation to your office my official complaint for murder this 8th day of September 2001, and submit to your office my official affidavit to Rex Wild QC DPP of 16th October 2000 and Affidavit of complaint for murder dated 17th October 2000, which were directed to Rex Wild QC DPP as instructed by Superintendent Gary Smith of the NT Police Darwin CIB.


Yours Sincerely,

Letty Scott

Posted on 2002-01-24


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